For Material Tropes by the Nonidentical:

“However dense the music gets, it always bounces and dances on a life-affirming groove.” – The Wire

★★★★ “Engrossing and humane, encompassing and self-doubting, hurt and healing.” Jazzwise

“Gvi has successfully aligned the album’s theme with the music, whose variety underpins its clear socio-political message about change in society.” – London Jazz News

“Just loving the wonky rhythm” – BBC3 Late Junction

For Monk Spent Youth:

Intriguing… rather other worldly” – Verity Sharp, Late Junction (BBC Radio 3)

Fresh and never over-respectful… a hip tribute to the original hipster” – The Wire

Each arrangement brings a freshness to the pieces… both joyous and meditative… While I am reviewing this after I had compiled my ‘best of’ list for 2019, I wouldn’t hesitate to include this one and heartily recommend it” – Jazz Views

Monk Spent Youth is a complete pleasure” – The Jazz Mann

For Euphorials Vols 1 & 2:

Brief punchy jams [and] longer, lyrical excursions that showcase Gvi’s excellent composing skills… a sly twist of funk is never far away: hence the delightful freshness of the whole thing” – The Wire

It’s sexy music for sure, with an understated sophistication combining both smoothness and sonic detail, appealing as both soulful electronica and nu-jazz” – London Jazz News

For The Merchant of Venice at Shakespeare’s Globe:

★★★★ “Tying the production together, Zac Gvi’s score is muscular and atmospheric… evoking an unequal world that is for some filled with conspicuous glamour and for others tinged with constant menace” – The Stage

★★★★ “The band led by Zac Gvi support beautifully throughout” – Evening Standard

★★★★ “The impact is full-bodied” – The Guardian

★★★★ “…beautifully haunting and heart-wrenching” – Broadway World

★★★★★ “Vibrant and fresh” – Whats On Stage

For The Winston Machine with Kandinsky Theatre:

★★★★ “Probing and playful work from Kandinsky Theatre, shot through with music and mischief… music rises up through the cracks between the past and present” – The Guardian

★★★★★ “The cherry on top is Zac Gvirtzman’s impressive score that keeps the play tight and running with such excellent pace. It is as remarkable and inventive as the action and provides an excellent world in which our performers can play” – Everything Theatre

★★★★ “Composer Zac Gvirtzman and sound designer Kieran Lucas team up to deliver a mesmerising soundtrack” – Whats On Stage

★★★★★ “Wildly inventive theatre company Kandinsky return with a head-spinningly smart show… No-one else makes theatre quite like this” Time Out

For Dinomania with Kandinsky Theatre:

★★★★★ “The whole thing runs like clockwork to Zac Gvirtzman’s evolving piano score… no one else makes theatre quite like this” – Time Out

★★★★ “Fast, furious, cleverly inventive, comedically dramatic. And that’s just the live score on the piano” Elite Travel Blog

Chopped and chewed vignettes accompanied by piano (beautifully composed and played by Zac Gvirtzman) make up the backbone of this well-constructed biography” – Exeunt Magazine

For Trap Street with Kandinsky Theatre:

★★★★ “Melding an astonishing complexity of themes, a mastery of form and a deep, deep humanity … another triumph for Kandinsky” – Time Out

Devised scenes play out collaboratively… underscored by brilliant and unsettling music performed by Zac Gvirtzman” – Exeunt Magazine

A soundscape of effects, vinyl records and live music from Zac Gvirtzman shadows the narrative, dissonant sounds and scratchy music intensifying discord in the action, gentle [bass clarinet] providing warmth” – British Theatre Guide

For Still Ill with Kandinsky Theatre:

★★★★ “intricately-layered, exquisitely detailed… squelching, shuddering soundscapes” – Time Out

★★★★★ “Breathtaking stuff… an enormously affecting bit of theatre” – London City Nights

A remarkable score, played live… Gvirtzman uses percussion, keyboard, an interesting electronic box of tricks and his own voice to accompany, lead and disrupt the action in equal measure – a virtuoso performance in its own right” – Theatre Breaks

Unsettlingly underscored with music by Zac Gvirtzman, hospital noises and metallic sounds amplify moments of deep discomfort” – Exeunt Magazine

For Dog Show with Kandinsky Theatre:

★★★★ “Intricate, compelling, hilarious, moving and multifaceted” – Reviews Hub

★★★★ “A delightful performance that stands out for the originality of its concept and execution” – The Upcoming

Zac Gvirtzman creates beautiful atmosphere and tension with reeds and ukulele. The song for Mr. Buttons, to the tune of the shake and vac advert, has amazing harmonies that wash over and through you” – The Flaneur