Trueman and the Arsonistsadapted by Simon Stephens, Chris Thorpe, dir. Abigail Graham, The Roundhouse 2023 | musical director, sound design

Material TropesThe Nonidentical (NONID Label, 2023) | composer, keyboards, reeds, percussion, producer

A Midsummer Night’s Dreamdir. Elle While, The Globe 2023 | musical director, saxophone, bass clarinet, percussion

Titus Andronicusdir. Jude Christian, The Globe 2023 | musical director, harpsichord, percussion (deputy)

London Labourby Kieran Knowles, dir. Abigail Graham, LAMDA, 2022 | composer, musical director

Volume 3: IdemicEuphorials (NONID Label, 2022) | saxophone, clarinets, keyboards

The Merchant of Venicedir. Abigail Graham, The Globe, 2022 | composer, musical director, piano

Estatē / Against The Mono Culturewith Rob Luft and Phelan Burgoyne (October House Records, 2022) | piano, saxophone, composer, producer

“The Winston Machine” devised theatre by Kandinsky, 2022 | composer, musical director

Indecentdir. Rebecca Taichman, 2021 | accordion (dep)

A Reckoning BellThe Magic Lantern (Hectic Eclectic, 2021) | saxophone, clarinets

Twelfth Nightdir. Sean Holmes, The Globe, 2021 | saxophone, clarinet, accordion, piano, doublebass, musical director (deputy)

YazgolPhelan Burgoyne (Independent, 2021) | saxophone, clarinets, duduk, engineer

The GrainPhelan Burgoyne (Independent, 2021) | piano, engineer, producer

Euphorials Volumes 1 & 2Wesley Gibbens, Zac Gvirtzman (F-IRE Label, 2020) | keyboards, saxophones, bass clarinet, flute, producer

Somewhere Around the BendAdam Beattie (Independent, 2020) | piano, saxophone, clarinets, accordion, arranger

Better Once Than NeverFly Agaric feat. the Magic Lantern (Independent 2020) | saxophone, clarinets, composer, producer

Meditations and LamentsFlora Curzon, Piotr Jordan (F-IRE Label, 2019) | composer, producer

Walls Talk” – for Ériu Dance Company, 2019 | piano, saxophone, bass clarinet, arranger, producer

Monk Spent YouthBen Davis, Fred Thomas, Zac Gvirtzman (F-IRE Label, 2019) | piano, bass clarinet, toy piano, organ, composer, producer

Dinomaniadevised theatre by Kandinsky, 2019 | composer, musical director, piano

Lie Awake and Watch Your DreamsAlice Ream (Independent, 2019) | clarinet, guitar, percussion, producer

Romeo & Julietimmersive theatre by Secret Cinema, 2018 | musical director, accordion

“Trap Street theatre by Kandinsky, 2018 | composer, musical director, bass clarinet, vinyl, synth, electronics

To the IslandsThe Magic Lantern (Hectic Eclectic, 2018) | saxophone, clarinets, piano

“Alice Reimagined” dir. Sarah Dowling, Royal Opera House 2018 | accordion

Moulin Rougeimmersive theatre by Secret Cinema, 2017 | musical director, accordion, doublebass, percussion

Mother of all Fearsshort film by Luke McMaster, 2017 | composer, producer

Dancer (Birthday of the Infanta)short film by Timothy Moorhouse, 2017 | composer, producer

Father TonguesZac Gvirtzman (F-IRE Label, 2017) | piano, composer, producer

An Old Man of the Hills and the Schoolmaster’s Storyshort film by Harry Pearson, 2016 | composer, producer

Still Illdevised theatre by Kandinsky, 2016 | composer, musical director, synths, drums

Wandering HeartBrooke Sharkey (Independent, 2016) | piano

Dog Showdevised theatre by Kandinsky, 2015 | composer, musical director, clarinet, toy piano, toy accordion, ukulele, percussion

This Floating Worlddance and multimedia by Tim Murray-Browne and Jan Lee, 2015 | composer, producer

L’Invitation au Voyage” – live film soundtrack, Cork French Film Festival, 2015 | piano, clarinet, composer

“Fantomas” – live film soundtrack, Cork French Film Festival, 2013 | piano, clarinet, composer

La JeunesseJiri Slavik (F-IRE Label, 2013) | saxophone

Living StandardsFred Thomas, Zac Gvi (F-IRE Label, 2013) | piano

Marelledevised theatre by Isthmus Project, 2013 | composer, musical director

Super Best Friends Club- Super Best Friends Club (Hakisak, 2013) | saxophone

In Search of Soma – Fly Agaric (F-IRE Label, 2012) | saxophone, clarinet, composer

Echoes of HomeDunajska Kapelye (Self-release, 2010) | accordion, arranger

Soundtrack to the Paper Cinema – Keiron Maguire (Independent, 2009) | clarinet, accordion, flute, producer