The Nonidentical

A contemporary jazz ensemble that performs Zac’s original compositions and explores the intersection between philosophy, social critique and music. The group originally performed at Movers/Shakers, a series of nights that brought together musicians and contemporary dancers to improvise and present new material and featured Seb Rochford, Ben Davis, Ruth Goller, Maurizio Ravalico and Julie Kjaer as well as dancers Seke Chimutengwende, Mai Nguyen, Ellie Sikorski and Sukjin Kim among others. The Nonidentical’s debut album “Material Tropes”, performed by the latter musicians and also featuring poet Giulia Loi, is due for release in the coming months. It consists of a series of canons interspersed with improvisatory soundscapes and focuses on the thematics of the 2011 riots, climate catastrophe and Situationism.