“…squelching, shuddering soundscapes…” – Tim Band, Time Out

… a remarkable score, played live… Gvirtzman uses percussion, keyboard, an interesting electronic box of tricks and his own voice to accompany, lead and disrupt the action in equal measure – a virtuoso performance in its own right.” – Simon Harding, Theatre Breaks

Gvirtman provides a live musical commentary throughout as both comic punctuation and also as aural support in the more serious scenes… an innovative touch that adds flavour and lifts the piece beyond the ordinary.” – Viola Patrick, Live Theatre UK

…dexterously switches instruments to match and enrich the changing moods”Mersa Auda, the Upcoming

“…provides sound support and atmospheric instrumentals” – Deobrah Klayman, Reviews Hub

“… the wonderful piano playing of music man Zac Gvi” Gemma Whitfield, the Upcoming