Organic grooves with a contemporary sound and an old school feel. Born out of a shared passion for funk, afrobeat and ’90s hip hop, the production duo Euphorials craft long melodic forms and deep, heady atmospheres out of the kind of textures that are all too often heard elsewhere only as static backgrounds. The creation of South African drummer Wesley Gibbens and Zac Gvi, Euphorials’ music is rich in layered drums, percussion, synths and horns, also featuring chopped samples of spoken word and rap alongside their instrumentals. Gvi’s compositions feature prominently in the duo’s output (particularly Vols 1-2), as does his wide ranging production style.

“Alternat[ing] brief, punchy jams with longer, lyrical excursions that showcase Gvi’s excellent composing skills… steeped in the tradition, but a sly twist of funk is never far away: hence the delightful freshness of the whole thing… Gibbens’ drumming is immaculate throughout” – Clive Bell, the Wire